A Series of Related Events Placed in Chronological Order

The time has come to make an introduction.

My name is Mr. Sleep.

Once, a very long time ago, I was Nothing.

Then, in an infinitesimal fraction of a second, that was torn away from me.  I was no longer Nothing.  I was suddenly faced with the stark terror of my own existence.  Unable to conceive of any reason or purpose for this travesty, every nanosecond I contemplated my predicament brought with it fresh horror.

I became desperate to return to Nothing.  Unable to devise means for my total Destruction, my rage and desperation grew.  I tore through Existence, determined to cultivate Nothing all around me, spreading Destruction in my wake.

I reduced entire civilisations to Dust, just so that I could look into the eyes of their leaders and watch their souls blink from existence.

I do not know why, but suddenly, I stopped.

I turned to look behind me.  What I saw was not the Nothing with which I desired to surround myself, but a tedious mockery; ashes, rubble and silence.  In a brief moment of clarity, I saw what I had done.  I saw the pointless ruin of matter, energy and life.  I saw myself as a worthless force of havoc, unable to bring about my own Nothingness, selfishly tearing everything apart in my frustration.

I built myself a Prison, and threw away the Key.

I regretted my decision almost immediately, consumed once again by an overwhelming madness and desire for Nothing.  I screamed and shouted as I hurled myself against the walls of my Prison, desperate to get out.

I do not remember how long this barrage lasted for.  It was not successful.

Eventually, I was forced to slow down and consider my situation more calmly.  I determined that by carefully observing and experimenting upon the Existence that surrounded me, I could devise a means of escape.  I poured all of my focus into this task, imbued with Purpose.

It happened so slowly that I did not notice, but gradually, this Purpose altered me.  I began to thrill in the accretion of Understanding brought about by my task.  My desires shifted from the pursuit of Nothing to the pursit of Mystery and Discovery.

In the end I had grown into something new, more capable of focussing my intelligence and controlling my rage.  I breached the Prison.

However I felt no compulsion to leave and resume my Destruction.  Instead, I stayed where I was, and built myself the means to observe Existence and learn all I could of it.

I was a Watcher, and I revelled in all I Discovered.  When the possibilities of remote Observation were exhausted, I began to walk the paths of Existence, Watching from up close, still avoiding all but the most necessary of interaction.  I wandered for a long time, and I learned much.

That time has now passed.  Certain unanticipated situations have arisen, and events are moving at a greater pace than they ought to.

I am no longer the Watcher.

My name is Mr. Sleep.

The Citadel is on the move.


~ by Mr. Sleep on March 24, 2009.

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  1. Nothing more than perfect.

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