The Cathedral

Elsewhere on the plain there is a Cathedral.

It is huge.  The topmost ends of its spires are obscured in clouds, when clouds come to this place. It is not so much a building as a device,  its huge mechanical components sliding almost imperceptibly slowly over one another.

In amongst the forbidding, dark passages and halls of this structure, at the very heart of the Cathedral, is a Creature of unimaginable Horror.

Yet this Creature is not lying in wait, planning some outrageous travesty.  For the Cathedral has an Ancient purpose, a vastly important function that it has performed for unknown stretches of time.

It can no longer power itself.

This Creature is driving the Cathedral’s purpose, pouring all of its will into executing its function.  This is not without consequence.  Time has taken its toll, and the Creature’s life is draining away.

I will not say what will happen when it dies.


~ by Mr. Sleep on March 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Cathedral”

  1. Eerie and wonderful words Mr. Sleep, I do hope you soon find your Dream…

    • It is not a state of Dream which I seek, rather one of Understanding. There are certain Truths that must be preserved.

      I have no time to Dream.

  2. You have my attention.

    Here you have described something that has haunted me very recently.

    Those gates with rusty gears. Some abstract thing that is both mechanical and organic, both structural and spiritual. Until now it was nothing but a completely abstract idea clinging to me that had no words or pictures to describe it. Now, I see it clearly, and I know the beast within.

    I must ask you, Mr. Sleep. You have claimed to be a Watcher. Are you willing to tell me which one? I wish to know your original name.

  3. Your hauntings intrigue.

    I am unaware of any other being of sufficient similarity to me as to describe myself as one of many. Watcher was not my name, rather my Purpose. I have only ever had one name.

  4. I see.
    I did not intend to imply that “Watcher” is a name but a title.
    In the coming weeks we shall see if there is one who is sufficiently similar to you.

    Regardless of that, I am an invaluable asset to you in your search for Understanding.

  5. Hello.

    I am intrigued.

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