The Listeners

Elsewhere on the plain there is a graveyard.

There are exactly 49 gravestones.  They are worn, intricately carved, and extremely old.  Almost all of them face in the same direction.

It should be noted that this location is not what most would typically choose to define as a “graveyard”, for one simple reason.

It is not inhabited by the Dead.

Instead it is home to a host of Listeners, their gravestones carefully constructed Devices capable of detecting even the faintest, most distant of sounds.

I do not know what it is they are Listening for, nor what they will do when they hear it.


~ by Mr. Sleep on March 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Listeners”

  1. I would hope you yourself are a Listener of sorts.
    I know I am. Though I could be better likened to the dead without a grave than to the dead within a grave.

    I’ve become so Lost in my search for the Island of truth.
    Please let me know if you have any guidance to give.

  2. I observe Existence, and gather data through a variety of sensory inputs. It is not currently clear whether or not the Listeners and I share goals.

    My principal objectives are not to offer guidance. That said, any specific requests may be met with some exposition, should the outcome be favourable. Frame your desires in the form of a question.

    Please note that any search for an Objective Truth will be met with failure. Any such Truth, if found, would either be represented by an incomprehensible string of numbers, or be so obscured by the subjectivity of interpretation as to be rendered non-functional as a fundamental Truth.

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