The Images

There is another spot on the plain, in between the other places I have mentioned.  It is exactly equidistant from each of them.  On that spot stands a massive stone block.  It is ancient and worn, visibly cracking in places.  An atmosphere of Age and Death clings to it.

Its East side faces towards the Statues.  Its West side faces towards the Cathedral.  Its South side faces the Listeners.  I have not yet been to the North.

It is incredibly timeworn, each of its faces covered in cracks, scars, and the other incomprehensible carvings of old age.  Yet on each face there is a small, irregular area that is almost impossibly smooth.  From the correct angle, an image can be seen in each of these patches.

On the East side, there is an image of the Sun, and on the West, an image of the Moon.  On the South side, Stars can be seen.

I will not say what I have seen on the North side.


~ by Mr. Sleep on April 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Images”

  1. The best part of this entry to me is the mystery of the north side. The Sun and the Statues, the Moon and the Cathedral, the South and the Listeners, the enigmatic North and the unexplored region that resides there. I hope you do not mind some questions.

    Do you plan on going to the North at any point?
    Can you discern anything about what resides there from your current perspective?
    What are your reasons for keeping the image you have seen on the North side of the stone block a secret?
    Will you eventually reveal what you have seen there?

    Regardless of the answers, if there are any, I’m already thoroughly enjoying the mysteries you’ve presented.

    • I will answer.

      Continued exploration of Existence is my current purpose. Discovery of the North has been postponed due to an unforseen complication in the development of events. The North will be Understood in due time.

      The size of the plain and distances involved preclude any meanginful Observation from the postion of the Monolith and the Images.

      I will not say why I choose to convey what I have seen. To do so would be to reveal far more than is appropriate at this point in time.

      I will convey this information should it become expedient to do so.

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