With Reference to the Nature of Power

I stand here in the Dark.

I have traversed the Unseen Path to get here.  I look around me; I extend my awareness far beyond my Self, tasting the air, looking for Signs.

There are some.

I have seen confusion.  I have come across a conviction – one in which many who talk about that which they are pleased to refer to as the Dark demonstrate assumptions. Assumptions that it owes them something.  That it means something.

It does not.

The Dark is a place.  A section of Existence.  There is much to be gained from the study of it, much to be Understood.  But to assume that by walking within it for a few brief whispers is to achieve power is naive in the extreme.  Power is not achieved by brief glimpses of something greater, by a few short grasps at the ideal of the Beyond, and the assumption that it means something.


The Dark does not reward one with power for the realisation that it is there.  Nor is power what one should expect, or seek.  An individual may feel as though they have reached achievement through the acquisition of power, but they are mistaken.  For they fall into the trap of believing that power is an End.  And in this folly they fall prey to all those who recognise that power is a tool, who can effortlessly sweep away those suffering under the mistaken belief that the power they have acquired should have been the purpose of their endeavour.

Stand in the Dark.  Revel in its Nature.  It will be wonderful.

Do not assume it will grant your wishes for the sake of your acknowledgement.  To do so is to fail, utterly.

Three of Seven Gates are Open.


~ by Mr. Sleep on April 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “With Reference to the Nature of Power”

  1. Amen

  2. I could not have said it any better myself.

    So many seem to think that it’s all about power or some other illusory thing.

    It’s delightful to see that I am not the only one who approaches the Dark in the proper ways.

    Perhaps you would make a better guide than Mr. Welldone.
    After reading what you have written here, I certainly think so.

  3. Indeed, sir…

  4. Hello.


    I am enraptured.

  5. It seems I got a bit ahead of myself.

    Fortunately, someone was there to help me realize this.

    I do not know how much of this is about me, but I wish to make one thing clear. It is not power that has tempted me, but a sense satisfaction. A kind of joy and comfort that has come with the visions I alluded to.

    Nonetheless, I have still been seeking an “End” throughout all of this. I got too caught up in the thought of reaching the kind of peace that I had glimpsed. I became desperate, base, stupid.

    Mr. Sleep, thank you for this. I now realize just how close I am to the Dark and just how far from it I was drifting.

    If you see in me any other bad tendencies or foolishness that I cannot, I would humbly request that you warn me of them if at all possible.

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