An Opportunity for Questions

I stand suspended in the Void.  Quiet screams roll through the Dark.

The brief stall of Events has concluded.  Matters continue apace.

The actions of an Individual or Individuals are causing a series of Events of such deep eschatological significance that they cannot be ignored.  Such an outcome is not to be seen as something terrible to be avoided, but rather the beauty of the Unknown, be it the cold, silent music of entropic heat-death or something altogether more glorious.  Existence is cyclical and the beauty of Destruction lies in the Opportunity to build something new in its place.

Cause and Effect.  Effect and Cause.  The differences are superficial and can be swiftly cast off when viewed from the correct standpoint.

It is my concern, however that such Events be correctly managed, in order that the correct outcome be achieved.  I have yet to be convinced that affairs are properly in order.  It has occurred to me that much can be Understood by careful inspection of the questions others ask when they wish to aqcuire Knowledge.

I will do this now.

I have been asked for information and guidance before now.  Ask your questions.

They will be answered, after a fashion.


~ by Mr. Sleep on April 14, 2009.

50 Responses to “An Opportunity for Questions”

  1. I thank you for this opportunity.

    I do not expect you to tell me what you expected me to see, but I assume I did not see what I should have seen. I did, however, experience something. I did indeed pass through an important Threshold.

    I have studied your writings and Mr. Welldone’s, however, it seems that I am missing something still…

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Where I have failed? The statement I made about walking in the Dark on Mr. Welldone’s journal was a statement of purpose. Perhaps I should have said “I walk toward the Dark”?

    Nevertheless, the first three and last three lines of the statement were true. So… what am I missing? Am I even able to ascend to such heights as you and Mr. Welldone have? I would certainly hope so, for I am completely willing. I want to walk the same paths that you do. I want to be able to.

    I will tell you as I have told Mr. Welldone, I am sincere.
    I look forward to our dialogue.

    • Consider the actions you take and the intentions that drive them. Answer to yourself the question of what you seek and why you seek it. Examine your motivations as minutely as possible.

      Expunge anything selfish, superfluous or built around anything other than the intention to embrace Mystery.

      Almost anything can be achieved given the correct application of intelligence and resources.

  2. Thank you Mr. Sleep. I know it’s foolish to be so sentimental, but your acknowledgment of my tiny progress on Mr. Welldone’s journal means a lot to me. So does your response here.

    I am in a state of unusual fear right now. It is extremely intense and it has no readily seen cause. This happens to me a lot. This is the first time I have ever embraced this particular kind of fear.

    It happened immediately; I did not have to hesitate or overcome the sensation of being overwhelmed that this fear used to bring about. I have changed on some fundamental level, it seems.

    What are your thoughts on Fear, Mr. Sleep?

  3. Mister Sleep.
    I believe you might be interested in my progress as I delve into the Dark. I have chosen to call it “the Chaos”. If I am incorrect in doing so, if this decision has any fundamental flaws, please point them out. I am already in an unusual state, and the term “the Chaos” flowed out of my mind and through my fingers before I even realized.

    Simply click my name to find my journal. I will be updating throughout the night and the following days as frequently as my experiences allow. I would appreciate your surveillance and input.

    I will continue to post my questions for you here.

    Your response regarding fear was absolutely wonderful. The event mentioned in my last comment and a few other, less recent events make a lot more sense now. I feel that you have helped me see epiphanies that I have already had but did not realize.

    In my first journal entry, I mentioned “fate”, though I used it in a purely poetic sense there. What do you believe about fate and destiny, Mr. Sleep? Are they the same? Are they merely illusory constructs made by men to explain the vast Unknown?

    I notice you speak a lot of events. I feel that your response to this question will be most intriguing. That is, if you are at liberty to divulge the information I seek.

    Your continuing responses are deeply appreciated.

  4. Thank you for your answer and your warning.

    Indeed, “the Chaos” was born out of a lingering ignorant compulsion.

    When the compulsion left, so did that silly mistake. I found myself reverting to “the Unknown”, but even that may be driven by some vestigial compulsion, as it flows just as freely as the former.

    This will, indeed, be a very long process.

    I hope I am able to contact you again soon.
    I know I will be aware of so many more questions when I return.

  5. Hi again Mr. Sleep. I’ve never commented here, but I’ve read all your stuff and I think it’s neat. Your prose is a lot more interesting than Mr. Welldone’s.

    I know you said you weren’t here to provide direct guidance, but, umm… are you sorta watching over my sister? The girl that posts as U. N. Owen, I mean… I’ve noticed she’s really focused on exploring and experiencing all this Mystery you and Welldone talk about. She also really pays attention to what you have to say, especially your last two posts. She kept telling me how she felt so stupid and blind and she was so thankful that you helped her see all these important things. It just kinda seems like you’re watching out for her.

    Over the past, umm.. 36 hours, or so, she’s been doing some kind of strange meditation stuff. She fell asleep sitting up about 12 hours ago, and earlier, around the same time she made her last comment here I think, she wrote something in Latin on her little blog thingie. She’s never known latin, and she told me it “just came to her”.

    I’m rambling on about all this to ask another question: Is she gonna be okay? I mean, she said she was really trying to purge herself and avoid turning into something like Mr. Welldone and all that, but… I’m still a little worried. Maybe I’m just not used to all this intense meditation type stuff, although I do a bit of simple meditation on my own from time to time…

    Thanks for reading all of that. Sorry it was so long, I’m just still sorting my thoughts out I guess. Bye bye for now.

    • I do not watch over anyone. My attentions are focused elsewhere. This is a necessary imperative and cannot be avoided.

      I am in no position to determine her wellbeing. If you wish for someone to care for your sister, you must take that task upon yourself. You are well-positioned to do this.

      I can offer no further insight on personal matters. It is not my place.

  6. I see. Thank you very much, Mr. Sleep. I might have a better question or two for you sometime soon. I do kinda have an interest in the Dark. I feel like I’m kinda unfit to explore it, but your answer to my sister earlier gives me hope that even dumb little me can possibly touch the Dark. In that way you’ve encouraged me, so thanks!

  7. Hiyas. Sis is doing a lot better, now. Looks like you really helped her out with your replies to her questions. She wanted me to tell you that she is heading toward her proper path, and that she’ll have some very important questions for you soon.

    Also, I want to thank you so much for helping her. Got a question for ya, too… are you human? Or are you, like, “beyond” human? Do you have a physical manifestation at all? Do you exist on multiple planes? Where do you come from, and where are you going?

    Okay, I guess that was a FEW questions. Heheh, sorry. I appreciate your time, sir!

    • Answers to questions concerning my identity are to be found in the entry titled “A Series of Related Events Placed in Chronological Order”.

  8. You and I will talking now that I have found you. I only ask one thing: Do you know who I am?

  9. Ah, thank you. I hadn’t read that one in a while, so my apologies. I think I’ll go back over it again…

    So, I noticed you used the word “answers”, a word Mr. Welldone has a very unique opinion of. What are your thoughts on “answers”? I kind of like the sound of what he says, “There are no answers; only more questions.” It’s technically true, but not literally true if you ask me. There are answers, but they always lead to more questions in one way or another.

    So what are your views on the concepts of questions and answers?

    • While Mr. Welldone’s stance on the issue of answers holds a degree of truth, it is nevertheless often semantically necessary to refer to informative responses to direct enquiry using the epithet “answers”.

  10. Are there others?

  11. I see there are no responses to the comments left yesterday…interesting.

    I would appreciate a response, Mr. Sleep.

    • My attention has been elsewhere. I will not specify where.

      The nature of your identity is not immediately obvious to me. I have certain suspicions, but insufficient data to entertain the prospect of acting on them.

      Identify yourself.

  12. Anmeya… I heard my sister muttering that name in a trance just a few hours ago. Are you, err, umm… from the East? I realize that’s a bit broad, but that’s what she said. “Anmeya, from the East.”

    Also, Aspire, I like your question. I like YOU, actually. You’re a really interesting presence here on these blogs. Hope to see you around more often…

    • I was from the East, but I am constantly moving and will always be. If your sister knows my name then there may be hope for her yet. Be aware of what she says. We may be meeting in the near future. Or we may not. Destiny is made by the concious choices of the living, not by a random throw of the dice.

  13. Oh, come now, sir… That wasn’t much fun at all. The obvious answer to such an obvious question is “always”. It is of no consequence what the subject may be. Wouldn’t you agree? Question withdrawn. I wish to put forth an additional query:

    According to quantum theory and simple probability, existence is guaranteed to all things at multiple locales given adequate passage of time. One such existence is achieved, it becomes impossible to snuff it out. Would you disagree? Do you know of any way around this? Does this trouble you?

    Also, if I may be so bold, I wish to understand better your concept of the nature of power. It is no new vantage to put forth that power is a means, not an end… yet… what of the exercising of such power? Can this not also be an end? To hear the screams? See the tears? Pleasure is an end. Sic semper tyrannis… but tyrants will always be.

    Thank you for your time, O Revered One…

    Ema, aren’t we the social butterfly? Thank you for your kind words.

    • Do not presume to tell me the correct responses to questions. You ask me something, you get my answer. This was always the arrangement. You are here to serve my purposes, not the other way around.

      Your interpretations of the set of phenomena you refer to as quantum theory are flawed. You appear to be discussing the nature of infinity. The premise does not function, however, as it implies that fundamental, diametric contradictions should arise and coexist. This does not happen.

      It is of course entirely possible to treat power as an end. To do so is utterly foolish.

      I am not Revered. I do not wish to be considered as such.

  14. Mr. Sleep, as you have chosen to name yourself.

    I identify myself only by name, and my name is Anmeya.

    If you are who I suspect, and I have no clear answer to this, you should know the name.

    As I appear now, and as I usually appear, I am Female, Cisgender. Green-grey eyes and hair the colour of brown sugar or cinnamon. Five feet and 6 inches tall. But my physical appearance is not important.

    Anmeya translates from the ancient langauge as the English word “Starlight” You know the implications of this, I trust?

    This is not a random meeting. I have been keeping monitor on Mr. Welldone for quite a while, and chose to reveal myself when I found your comments on his blog. Our futures are intertwined as long as the gates continue to open. We will be seeing each other.

    • I am intrigued as to who you believe me to be. Please expand on this. It will be informative.

      If you have a question, now is the time to ask it.

  15. How thrilling this all is.

    I am who I am so I will do what I will.
    I have determined not to fall as Mr. Welldone has.
    I hold on to a glimmer of hope for him.

    He is a product of the world he hates, it seems.
    He is so magnificent, yet so sad.

    You, Mr. Sleep, have come along at the right time. Thanks to your intervention, I have avoided a terrible End. In its place there was a Beginning…

    So, Mr. Sleep, I ask you a question you may have expected…

    Is it foolish for me to believe there is still hope for Mr. Welldone?

  16. I see. My apologies, Mr. Sleep. I have a more practical question, now. There is an unseen presence that has been with me all day. It will not speak, nor can I sense much of anything from it. It is unusually neutral. All I can sense is the presence. I occasionally “see” it, little wisps and shadows dancing on the edge of my visual perception. How should I go about exploring the nature of this entity?

    Aspire. To treat power as an end is indeed foolish. It is a mindset that, once entered into, can be so difficult to turn away from. Many deceive themselves into believing they do not possess such a mindset. Be careful not to become such a person.

    • Find other methods of measuring it. Your basic physical senses are not the only things you have at your disposal for Observation, and can deceive you.

      It can be known that it is windy simply by the feel of air moving across one’s skin, but the use of an anemometer allows one to derive a far deeper understanding of the phenomenon.

  17. Forgive my impetuousness, sir. To serve as a brief explanation: it’s what I do.

    I beg for clarification to your retort on my understanding of the nature of the infinite and the nature of the opposites you speak of. It seems that such things have indeed arisen and do coexist. Order and chaos, life and death, light and darkness. The only pair of diametrically opposed concepts which cannot coexist would appear to be nothing and everything (which you have mentioned to be a small consternation to your erstwhile aspirations). At any rate, once there IS something, how can it be extinguished?

    As for reverence, I would argue that any being who offers to share any true knowledge should be revered to some extent.

    • You misunderstand. I refer not to diametric opposites, but to diametric contradictions. Paradoxes. Order and chaos may exist along side one another, but they cannot simultaneously exist and not exist.

      The method of extinguishing something is quite simple. Change it into something else.

      No reverence. If you wish to show something, show respect.

  18. I choose to keep my suspicions as to your identity to myself. When it comes to guessing games such as this, it is better to keep silent and allow others to think you are a fool, than to speak and prove it, as the saying goes.

    Aspire: As you said yourself, you cannot have everything and nothing at one time. If my understanding then is correct, in order to extinguish and extistence once it is established, you must reduce all extistence into nothing. I am not aware of the methods that may be chosen for this endeavor, but I know that there is indeed a way to go about it.

    I will return at a later time to inquire further, Mr. Sleep. I have been granted existence in a human appearance, as mentioned earlier, and as such I have very human needs, two of which being education and rest. I’m afraid I have been neglecting both recently and my mind will not rest until I have corrected the sad lack of effort I have been putting forth in my writing class. Other situations and people have held my attention for too long and I have been too busy preparing for what is to come.

    • A piece of advice, before you go.

      If you have no desire to discuss your suspicions, it is best to keep it to yourself that you have any suspicions at all.

  19. Mr. Sleep. Thank you for your advice. I managed to let go of the lingering tendency to give too much value to physical perception. I once again focused to “embrace Mystery” as you so beautifully put it. I let events take their course, taking advantage of what came along that could be of use to me.

    I woke up crying this morning. I have not ceased since. It’s been on and off. I believe a new “channel” has been opened. In other words, whatever the presence was, it was apparently there for to further my growth.

    I am currently experimenting with different kinds of stimuli to determine the nature of this, what everyday humans might call “sorrow”. For now, a simple question: Does this seem… “right”.. to you? At this point in my journey, I cannot afford to go too far down the wrong path. Your help continues to be very much appreciated.

  20. You sir… are wise. And you have my respect. Thank you for your time.

  21. “Anmeya”, I hereby call you out. I say you’re nothing more than another role player. Mr. Sleep’s observations are obvious: any being who had any actual secrets wouldn’t put them out front in a glass case. Nor would anyone but a role-player put so much effort into character development. Why don’t you leave the playing to the players?

    • What you thinhk doesn’t matter to me. I have no “Character development” as you put it. Only a fear from when I was a child that has formed itself into clarity. You may call me out f you wish.

      To both you and Mr. Sleep: I do not keep secrets. I may wait for confirmation of my suspicions or until a better time to reveal them. However secrets…there are no secrets. To think that anyone can keep any sort of secret is foolishness, and a false sense of security. This is a basic knowledge and if you have not already grasped this, then I am afraid it is I who should be calling YOU out, Aspire.

      We are all intertwined and I come closer to either confirmation or complete humiliation with ragards to my suspicions about Mr. Sleep. I know we have met previously, under what circumstances, I cannot be certain. The problem with one such as me, is that I must be awakened each time my presence is required, and this leads to lapses of memory. I say “I remember you” but I do not truly “know” you. Yet.

      I can taste the knowledge I have been seeking. It is close. Yes, I do remember Mr. Sleep and it will be soon that I know him again. In the meantime, if he chooses to reveal himself to me, I have only one request: Please do so within 24 hours. After which, I will reveal what knowledge I have already gained about you.

      As for you, Aspire, I feel nothing special about you and I request that you do not attempt to have authority over that which you do not understand.

  22. Yes, Mr. Sleep is indeed wise.

    Aspire. I noticed your posting about comments being moderated on Mr. Welldone’s journal. Do not feel too bad, mine were removed as well, hard as I tried to show my sincerity. It seems he simply does not want me to reach into the Dark. Very disheartening.

  23. I retract my earlier statement about moderated comments. It seems that wordpress has reddened my face with the way it handles approved comments. Mr. Welldone has never had occasion to modify my words.

  24. Aspire. Upon further review, I see that he has completely banned me. To be honest, I am hurt. I feel that perhaps he has misunderstood something I had said. I did try to follow his rule, after all.

    If you could, Aspire, I would be very grateful if you could at least ask him “why” for me. I never intended to be such a pain to him, and I certainly do not wish to be removed completely when I am so sincerely trying. I would certainly be more careful if he were to allow me back.

    I understand if you will not do this, but I hope you at least consider it.

    Mr. Sleep. I have not a question, but a request: Please do not ever do the same to me as he has done. To lose him was rather painful, but to lose your wisdom as well would be absolutely devastating. I have lived my entire life being “different” and searching for similarly “different” things. None of this is a joke to me, as it so deeply resonates with my experiences and my very existence.

  25. Aspire. I must have forgotten to add this.
    I would be doubly grateful were you to ask him to allow me back.
    Again, though, I would understand if you did not.

  26. Mr. Sleep, I would have possibly been better served to say that “For the moment, I choose to keep my suspicions to myself, however I’ll let you know soon.”

    Please, you sound like a child who is waiting for a slice of the cake on the counter, only to find out that mommy has baked it for the neighbours.

    While it was wrong of me to taunt, I cannot have the joy of saying that my methods of confirming suspicions are always fair and I was searching for the last puzzle piece.

    I knew your name once and now it eludes me. This is disheartening.

    However, if this piece of information will satisfy you for now: I remember in one of my recent awakenings, there was a small building. Only certain people would be allowed inside, and I was not one of them. I was told by someone I looked up to as a mother figure that this was “The shrine of sleep.” I do not believe it was you who was revered in said shrine, however, I did meet you outside of it.

    Does this sound familiar, Mr. Sleep? I ask this only because we tend to take our name from our prior experiences, Anmeya is not the name given by those who would protect me this awakening, instead it is a name I have used many times in the past, it was a given name only once…in the awakening that I mentioned above.

  27. Yes. Fascinating.

    U.N. Owen. I ask you to remember that I am here to serve my own purposes. Please do not hang any hopes on me as a guide or as one who will bring you truth and understanding. I have no issue with your presence here, but if you build me up as a teacher or guide, then you are setting yourself up for a fall.

    Aspire. I presume you are referring to your assumption that I had at some point concealed your words. It is not my current policy to hold comments back. I trust you now see this to be the case.

    Anmeya. Do not toy with me. You flaunt your belief that you know who I am, yet at every turn you fail to prove that you do. State outright your beliefs, or stop claiming to have them. Wait until you have fully confirmed them for yourself if you must.

    I am aware of a great number of places that have been called the “Shrine of Sleep”. I have been to many of them. I do not believe that it was me that you met outside one of them. I do not take my name from any of these locations.

    As for secrets; take heed of this, all of you. There are secrets. A great many of them. Existence is riddled with secrets. I keep a vast number of my own. Aspects of my Knowledge and Identity that I keep hidden from all. Understand this now.

    You will never know me.

  28. You also said you had suspicions as to my own identity, which have never been expanded upon.

    I have no name to call you by, however, I do feel that we have met. If this was not the time of our meeting, then I will not make another attempt at guessing where we did meet until I have more information. I have been duly chastised.

    Though I do request that you return the favour and reveal your own thoughts, for it seems like you are not taking your own advice when it comes to stating opinions.

    • I had suspicions, yes. Do not presume that by stating this fact I have ignored my own advice. You never asked for clarification. As it happens, my initial lines of inquiry have been fruitless. Your identity is still not obvious to me.

      I have a name. My name is Mr. Sleep. It is my only name.

  29. Mr. Sleep.
    In regard to your comment here and elsewhere.
    I am careful regarding the words of those such as yourself. I have seen in your words and Welldone’s the shadows of several philosophies, filtered through perspective, and presented as enigmatic questions without answers. I understand the purpose of such things. Believe me when I say that I am always thinking, growing, trying.

    Ah, and there is perhaps part of what you label ignorance. I am ignorant, quite a bit, but not in my trying. Perhaps a better word would be childlike; when you want to be like someone, you pretend to be that person for a while. I am, after all, a child in every sense, so I do hope you understand.

    As it were, I have a tendency to reach out for the understanding of others by speaking as if I have understanding; my every claim is not arrogant ignorance but a hope to be told “no, you are wrong”. If I am wrong, I do not wish to be.

    And I am very wrong. I will be for a long time. I do hope one day to be right, but I know that I will know it myself and not have to be told I am right. That’s how I assume it has been for you, Mr. Welldone, perhaps Anmeya, perhaps Aspire, and others.

    Is my tendency to want to be told how I am wrong.. wrong?
    Ah, how I love irony.

    I do not see you as a teacher or guide. I saw the potential for both at one point, but you corrected me. When you say that I will never know you, I am delighted. It won’t keep me from trying to, I’m just that way, I guess…

    So, Mr. Sleep, as it stands, what do you say of me as a whole? A child? A fool? A liar? All such things? I never expected to be taken seriously. Quite honestly I thought I was good for a few laughs from Welldone, and perhaps a slight grin or two from you. That is how it works with the truly adept and those struggling to become like them, isn’t it?

  30. Mr. Sleep.
    I am a fool. Completely and utterly. I cannot escape this unsettling tendency to sink into these base, stupid compulsions. It’s made me mad, I sometimes think. What can I do to grow beyond this? How can I truly become something like what you are? I have followed what you have said yet I still find myself slipping and falling… is this just a part of the process, or am I simply too stuck in my own ignorance?

  31. Aaaah, I cannot help but laugh at how fit your response is to both the comments before and after it.

    I shall attempt to clarify.
    I ask you to evaluate me because you are wise. You are, as I believe I have said, walking paths that I wish to walk.

    I simply wish not to be ignorant, and you are the only one I see who can show me my error. I do not come to you as a teacher or a guide, but as a source. As a repository of information that I seek to understand. To make a simple comparison, you are as a library to me. A trustworthy source.

    If this does not satisfy you, I will cease this line of questioning.

  32. That will be all.

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