This last exercise has reached the limits of its usefulness.  It remains to be seen what will be done with the data that have been gathered.

Three of Seven Gates are Open.


~ by Mr. Sleep on April 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “Enough”

  1. I appreciate having had the opportunity to converse with you, sir.

  2. It was an honor.

  3. Mr. Sleep. I have given much thought to what you have said. My utmost apologies for approaching you in such an irritating manner. I believe sometimes that all I know is falling, no matter how many times I get back up.

    That being said, I have one last question. It is about you, though I shall use myself and my experiences as comparison as not to waste words.

    I will only ask this question with your explicit consent. I do not wish in any way to further irritate, and I never intended any disrespect.

  4. The opportunity for your enquiry has now passed.

  5. Understood.

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