The Unseen Path

I have been here so many times.

What a curious place; perspectives constantly shifting, understanding mutable, nothing but the delight of Infinity before you.

I come here often, for I delight in its simplicity.

No more.

Complexity develops.  Entropy creeps in, as it always does; an unwanted but inevitable guest.

Four of Seven Gates are Open.  I will know why.


~ by Mr. Sleep on April 29, 2009.

12 Responses to “The Unseen Path”

  1. Entropy… a tendency to become more chaotic. I suppose, once all is chaos, that things will be simple once more, no? All you have to do is wait long enough. I’ve actually started to grow rather anxious to see what happens once the 7 gates stand open… Good luck, sir.

    • Chaos is in fact very different from the perfect silence that accompanies entropic Heat-Death.

      You are right to be anxious about the consequences of all Gates Opening.

  2. Mr. Sleep.
    If I am to blame, you have my utmost apologies.

    I will leave, if you wish. I believe I have been to the “place” you speak of, though I have just barely tasted it.

    I would hope that I have not spoiled such a wondrous place for one such as yourself.

    I must thank you again for the things you have said, directly to me and otherwise. They are keeping me focused, helping me refine my methods and learn from my mistakes.

    Again, if you no longer desire my presence, you must simply ask and I shall be gone. Thank you for tolerating me as long as you have.

  3. I’m always excited to see that another gate is opened. All this talk of entropy and chaos has me a bit intrigued, too.

    The Unseen Path does seem like quite a wonderful place…

  4. I wonder if the complexity and entropy you mention are occurring within the realm itself or only within your own perspective. I can’t help but wonder about these gates, as well…
    You’re an interesting guy, Sleep. I like your focused, objective attitude. Whatever you’re attempting to do, I’d imagine you’re going to do it very well.

    • My observations are not the result of a perceptual quirk, if that is what you are suggesting.

      They are most certainly happening outside of my own Observation. I have certain methods and tools for ascertaining this.

  5. How refreshing it is to finally see a comment from you somewhere. It’s good to know that you still draw breath, sir.

  6. How excellent. Variety truly is the spice of life, and I’ve grown so tired lately, sir… Will you be availing us of your findings at some point?

  7. Mr. Sleep, I’m convinced that there is a, as people have called it, a ‘dark,’ accessable with concious desire and will.
    Do you believe that there is a counterpart? Light, as obscure and unknown to the bulk as dark is?
    It seems as if there should be. Tell me, if it is true, that there isn’t.

  8. Hello.

    Mr. Sleep. I do miss your unique perspectives.

    I would be greatly pleased if you would return to your writings.

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