The Sigil

I found It.

Seared into the Heavens; a desperate curse torn into the fabric of Reality.

I did not mean to.  My search was innocuous at best;  a banal echo of data requiring retrieval.  Instead I saw It.  An Equation, after its own fashion; a single term revolving around itself.  A Machine of bile and blood.  Give thanks that you have not Witnessed it.

Four of Seven Gates are Open.  Another is lost.


~ by Mr. Sleep on September 22, 2009.

10 Responses to “The Sigil”

  1. Mr. Sleep, you are the veritable incarnation of awesome. Thank you for brightening my day earlier.

    In this post, it almost seems like you’re describing the human race: billions of disgusting biological machines, each as a tiny world confined, endlessly revolving only around itself.

    If only I had not witnessed such things…

    Why has the progression of the gates slowed?

    Thank you again, sir.

  2. I have discovered something quite amusing. You are certainly not all you seem, Mr. Sleep.

    I suspect I may know exactly where you got your name from, and it is not simply “your name.”

    Have you ever heard of the film “Dark City”?

    • A curious coincidence. Fascinating, although I am altogether unlike these strange individuals.

      I have encountered the use of this name in other places as well. This is not surprising.

  3. This reminds me of the necronomicon. Have you read it Mr. Sleep?

  4. I’m curious to learn more.

  5. Everyone’s name has a deeper meaning when tracked down.
    Hello Mr. Sleep.

  6. Would you mind expounding a bit on one particular part of your description?

    “A machine of bile and blood.”

    A few weeks ago I saw something that could be described as such. I doubt it is what you speak of, but I am curious if it is at all related.

    • Speak of what you saw, and I may oblige.

    • I was lost in the depths of the unknown at the time I saw it. It was as if the contents of a man’s belly had been removed and woven into a swirling, throbbing, vaguely round shape. It seemed to be moving in some sort of cycle, being constantly drawn in toward its center and thrust back out again, as if it were being perpetually reborn. It appeared fresh, wet, and most certainly alive.

      Whether it is just an unusual entity of itself or the part of some greater whole, I am not sure, but it seemed to carry an air of significance, as if it had some kind of important role. I’m inclined to believe it may be some kind of literal representation of what you’ve mentioned here rather than being the actual Sigil you speak of.

      I believe I had already read this entry before I had this particular vision, so perhaps it was just my mind’s interpretation of the data cropping up in a very vivid way. Nevertheless, I feel it’s worth asking about.

      Thank you.

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