The Sentinels

They are gone.

For untold Aeons they stood, guarding the Tempest Arch, maintaining their constant Vigil out over the horizons of Existence.

Now, they are gone, and the Arch stands open, unwatched.  Their Charge was to shut the Way against those that would get out, as much as it was to hold off Intruders.  The reasons for their Vigil, lost in the vast Passage of Time, were deemed to be of immense significance.  Now the Way is open, and the Cruciform Citadel continues to move.

They are gone.


~ by Mr. Sleep on October 23, 2009.

19 Responses to “The Sentinels”

  1. You have disappointed me, sir. Not that the information should matter; it’s just simply something I wished you to know.

  2. Your purpose is as cryptic as your words.

    And your words have been crafted for their ambiguity, and arcane allure.
    Either this is directed towards people of which this has much weight, or you’ve neglected to polish this piece with the proper amount of meaning and mystique.

    • In time, you will perhaps come to understand what has been said here. In the meantime, it must still be said.

      If you seek clarification, you need only ask. It will be provided, should it be expedient to do so.

  3. Okay. I’ll bite.
    Please, tell me.

  4. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

  5. Nicely put.
    It’s difficult to ask questions where there might be no answers, and where you don’t even know the right questions to ask, after all.

  6. Dammit, why am I always too late? Why has everybody left along with Welldone? What is the Darkness? What is the Veil? What is that, that everybody here seems to know but I?

  7. It feels as if so many doors are closed.

    • Yet so many others open.

    • I, too, thought this, and I thought it meant I’d never gain the kind of understanding I have now… Then something wondrous happened. Then wondrous things continued to happen.

      Make yourself aware of the things that have been said by both Mr. Sleep and Mr. Welldone. It is certainly not too late, and there is indeed much to see. All in due time, however. These are things that cannot be shown to you, not even by Mr. Sleep or Mr. Welldone, things that you must see for yourself.

  8. Does the movement of the citadel matter?

    If so, to whom?

    Does the absence of the sentinels matter?

    If so, to whom?

  9. Could something be done to alter the motion of the citadel, or to return the sentinels to their rightful place?

    If so, should it be done?

    Secondary line of questioning: Mr. Sleep, what, precisely, do you want?

    • It is entirely possible. However, in these matters, it is rarely the case that direct action prompts direct consequence.

      Almost certainly. It may even be vital.

      I desire Knowledge.

  10. How can the correct course of action be determined?

    Can we help you acquire knowledge? If so, how?

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