The City and the Sea

The place where they meet is one of the most desperately lonely places I have ever encountered.

The City is dead.  It is over.  Its inhabitants have left, and it is a cold and silent place.  Unimaginably vast, to enter it is to become inevitably lost in a vast obituary, haunted by the ghosts of Time and Misery, until one day sleep takes you, deep inside this walled prison.

The Sea is the place where the City’s expansion finally stopped, hemmed in by a short stretch of sad and lonely beach.  The Sea was the End, it’s crystal calm waters their final resting place.  On some days you can hear their Song.

It is not a Song you would ever wish to hear.


~ by Mr. Sleep on January 12, 2010.

19 Responses to “The City and the Sea”

  1. Yet, you paint such a beautiful portrait, Mr. Sleep: I long for it…

  2. Reading your writings is starting to become an exercise in synchronicity for me. I, too, have seen a city, only the one I have seen is buzzing with life. It is vast and grand, and its boundaries also lie at the water. It is a very modern, even futuristic kind of city, with a great building at the center.

    I would imagine your city is not the same, but curiosity gets the better of me… besides the obvious difference of life and death, is what I’ve described at all similar to what you’ve seen? I will give you more details if you feel the need to ask for them.

    What exactly do you long for, Aspire? The solitude, the emptiness, the vastness? I can tell you that my city, whether or not it is the same as Mr. Sleep’s, is quite a wondrous place, though there is something in it that seems… wrong.

  3. In my experience, all cities are the same on a fundamental level. Sure, the nuances might be a bit different; the accents change, the restaurants go by different names, but the experience remains. There is something wrong with every city… and I’ve always felt sickened by them.

    However, if you take away a city’s denizens… all you are left with is buildings, peace and quiet. Which is exactly what Mr. Sleep has presented us with. Does it not appeal to you, my lady?

    Always a pleasure, Mr. Sleep.

  4. What does it all amount to?

  5. And yet it seems to amount to nothing. Pretty words and vague descriptions of places and things that once held meaning, but are starting to lose even that. Your message could be clear if you dropped the cryptic wording for once, and gave people a real answer.

    • You demand something I have never offered. I am not here to satisfy your wishes. Drop this foolish pretence that you are giving me advice.

      I answer to no-one.

  6. Mr. Sleep, thank you for your response. I’ll keep you informed on any data I find that would seem useful to you.

    I do agree, Aspire, that being alone in such an empty, vast, quiet place is a very comforting thought, to me anyway. I would, however, still welcome the company of one such as yourself. Certainly a few people would not detract from the experience. The few citizens I’ve interacted with seem to be like us, too. I think I will continue my own writings, now that I have so much to tell…

    Vaughn, what you seek is something only you can find. Once you find it, you’ll understand why these writings seem so vague and unclear.

  7. You misunderstood me, but that’s hardly surprising.

    • This caricature of haughtiness is tiresome. If you have a point to make, make it. If your purpose is merely to appear recondite and aloof, then I am sure we would all be better off if you served it in another manner.

      Perhaps a few hours with a mirror.

  8. My work here is done.

  9. Mr. Sleep, what is it that you want?

    • A short space of time ago, my answer would have been “Knowledge.” While this is still true in part, it is no longer the truth in its entirety.

      As yet I do not wish to reveal the remainder of my intentions.

  10. And I respect that wish, as I thank you for replying to the first question I posed.

    Secondly, I would like to ask, if it’s not too unsavory for you to provide a answer, what was your purpose in creating a blog? Why do you provide these snatches and insights into the dark for us?

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