What are you looking for?



~ by Mr. Sleep on February 10, 2010.

19 Responses to “What are you looking for?”

  1. Unrequited love.

  2. Meaning, perhaps. Knowledge, more certainly.
    But do you know why, Mr. Sleep, Welldone has barred his blog to us?

  3. Well. That’s odd. I doubt that’ll it’ll stay hidden for too long, however.
    Ah, but to answer your question more accurately, I would say that I am looking for experiences with which to enrich my life and mind.

  4. I know it sounds hackneyed in this day and age… but I seek peace of the self… but my kind of peace, not someone else’s.

  5. Oh, entertainment, I suppose.
    But I think the question ‘WHY do you seek such-and-such’ is much more interesting.

  6. I suppose I am looking for new insights that are outside of the ordinary, and whatever Knowledge may come with it. Also just plain curiosity.

  7. I just don’t know. I say I am not looking for anything in particular, yet there is obviously something that drives me, drives me toward curiosity, the unknown, greater awareness, higher understanding… something that drives me to people like you, Mr. Sleep.

    I’ve carefully followed what Welldone has written and what you have directly told me, yet I still feel so far from… from what, Mr. Sleep? I cannot say I know.

    I do know that there are things which cannot be told, taught, or otherwise given to me… things which I must experience for myself. Those have all come about when I was not particularly looking for anything, though… Other than that, I can only offer you the words of another: “Je ne craignais pas de mourir mais de mourir sans etre illumine.”

  8. Mr. Sleep, if you’ll forgive my boldness… do you feel it out there? It seems to me like there is a deep stagnation just over the horizon. Perhaps you don’t share my point of view, and if you do not, I would truly enjoy your perspective… I’ve suddenly lost my sense of anticipation for this world…

  9. Things do get pretty lethargic without Welldone around, eh?

    • If nothing else, he certainly makes for fine entertainment…

    • Yes.
      But now that he’s pulled this vanishing trick again, it’s all back down to perhaps a post every two, three, four days.
      very dull, really. The waiting.

    • Personally, I think Mr. Sleep is a fine successor. A bit more balanced, at least… I will miss the dear comte, though.

      Mr. Sleep, care to share your thoughts on the situation?

  10. I have no knowledge of Mr. Welldone’s actions or choices. They are his own.

  11. Mr. Sleep, friend, are you aware of the Eternal Rotation?

    My thoughts fly to its wake and the temptation is simply too much.

    I fear not the interval of Death nor Nothingness that which I remember tragically, I accept such a passionate embrace with open arms and a loving smile as Lovers do.

    An Eternities repose. Unending. Glorious, is it not?

  12. You surprise me Mr. Sleep. Here I had thought you were as the Others; long forgotten and without a reason to continue on.

    I am proven wrong. Not the first time, as it is quite an experience to be incorrect on any matter.

    I know that Eternity is something of a…”delicacy” and, perhaps, you may call one as myself foolish to desire and want. No, I am corrected again. You do, no doubt.

    An Unending Life is something I have grown a hunger for, much more so than “power” as I had childishly wanted to obtain.

    As you have asked, Immortality is what I am looking for.

    And I am so very close.

    Your words are a shrouded blessing, friend. Even if you may not know of it.

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