It continues.


~ by Mr. Sleep on August 23, 2010.

7 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Mr. Sleep:

    Where did you go?

    Why are you back?

    And what do you want?

  2. Instigation. Was it the Key? Perhaps. Nothing to be known.

    Curiosity is as deadly as any toxin.

    Why do you wish to be asked when you are one unfit to reveal?

    Unless you are like us, waiting for the right concoction to be given.

    And my Time draws near. To be like the Departer.

    • Meaningless.

    • And who might you be?

    • `

    • Fanciful words Mr. Sleep.

      My initial thought was written all the while.

      Well, “Golgotha”, Place of The Skull, I am Mr. Dark, simply. Mr. Welldone has been quite troublesome and so I have waited here, much to my surprise to see that our mutual soul, Mr. Sleep, can be instigated out of the slumber.

      And I asked him of his ideals upon the concept of Immortality, which I am prepared for and require nothing than a handful of days.

      Fainter than a whisper. Stronger than Death.

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