The Clean Bones Are Gone

It seems one or two of you have noticed.

Well, fair enough I suppose.  I might as well get on with things now that certain… obstructions are removed.  I’m sure there are others who may want to know that he’s gone.  Tell them if you wish.  Or not, it’s all simply moments in time.

At any rate, I thought I’d pique your interest, if there’s any interest left to pique in those sluggish shells.  Ask me.  Anything.  You can even ask me about… him, if you’re feeling particularly foolish.



~ by golgotha on July 21, 2011.

30 Responses to “The Clean Bones Are Gone”

  1. Has anything actually changed at all?

  2. Nothing has changed. This remains the same as it has from the beginning.

    Childish games.

  3. Oh I do miss the old crew… I actually have a fair amount of fond memories involving this little section of the web.

    But sure, I’ll bite for the fun of it:

    Golgotha, forgive my rudeness for addressing you by what I assume is your given name despite formal introductions, but please identify yourself with a gender article so I can avoid such etiquette faux pas in the future.

    My questions are:

    1) Who was Mr. Sleep and what have you done with him?

    2) Whatever happened to Weldon anyway?

    3) Where did all the other frequenters go?

    4) What’s your angle now? Are you at all different from the previous protagonist of this blog?

    5) What do you do with your hair?

    6) Why would you address me as a sluggish shell?

    7) Anything you want to get off your chest while we’re all listening?

    Thanks for your time, sir or madam!

    • I have never chosen a gender article. It always seemed completely redundant. Choose whatever you like, it isn’t important.

      1) He was the Watcher. He was… something that is very difficult to quantify. He’s gone now, though I suppose he is “safe” – after a fashion.

      2) I have no idea. Perhaps he went looking for some other mortals to try to impress.

      3) Again, no clue. I have no interest in keeping a watch on them.

      4) Angle? There is no “angle”. But as for different… oh yes. Very different.

      5) Daft question.

      6) Why would you respond to the address?

      7) Oh, I’ll get it all off. All in very good time.

  4. Haa…
    You say this creature, “Him” of yours exists?
    Then prove his existence!
    Bring him out of confinement, show him to us!
    Give us the Absolute Truth!

    • Go find your own Absolute Truth, I am no priest.

      And I need prove nothing to you.

  5. How are you and Mr.Welldone connected? And how would one find the password to his post?

    • No connection at all, save that he chose to associate with my… predecessor.

      I don’t know what the password is. I do not play that sort of game.

    • It is comte or count…. the title he chose to outfit himself with… Weldon was a fun egg, wasn’t he?

    • He claimed to be le Comte de Saint Germain.

      Of course, I met eight men back then who claimed to be le Comte de Saint Germain. Seven of them were pathological liars. Well, the eighth was as well, but he was… something else as well.

      I don’t know which one our mutual friend was.

  6. Sir, to answer your question, response to an address is an excellent conversation starter… otherwise, I would have to wait around until you decided to call to “Aspire”…

    At any rate, are you claiming to have taken up residence in Mr. Sleep via possession or similar mechanism?

    Are you also a watcher?

    …do you not have hair?

    • Whatever works for you, but it isn’t important to me.

      I haven’t possessed him. That would be unfeasibly difficult. No, I have simply displaced him. Plus a few other things, but you don’t need to know about that right now.

      Yes. I am.

      Still a daft question.

  7. Hmm…
    First thing forward, I apologize for my friend, Erika’s behavior. She does not understand. For I, The Great Lady, Beatrice, have understood what you have spoken out to us.

    Things, no, Great and Horrible things will occur.
    The Endless Golden Cage, which I am a prisoner of, will soon be shattered.
    I shall create a world bereft of logic and truth.

    I shall create things which Erika will never understand.

    • Yes, a world without logic and truth. What an amusing concept.

      Please do try to create this thing. I do delight in watching failure.

  8. Excuse me, but I have a few more questions, Mr/Ms. Golgotha.

    Will He return in the near future, or will it be in the distant?

    What will He do unto those children of man?

    Will He ever set me free from my cage?

  9. So… besides failure watching (As I understand it, you can collect your fill via daytime television), what else do you do for kicks and giggles?

  10. Well…Will I ever be free from this endless corridor?
    Won’t someone at least hint me to the exit?!

  11. Well, darn. You had even brought back a few of the old players… I suppose it was fun while it lasted.

  12. Yeah. Nothing really changed at all.

    • Are you, by any chance, the same Vaughn behind those awful forums? If not, you really should seek him out because I believe you would get along famously.

  13. Time to report. I know you have the words ready.

  14. To answer your question, Aspire: No. However, I do know of him. I wasn’t aware he had more than one forum.

    You should stay away from him. He is a damned liar.

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