What is The Structure?

I have been sent the following.  I was impressed, she came so close to understanding, closer than anyone else.  You need to know.  More to follow, provided the pain stops.    golgotha.

Causality is a finite resource.

We continue to operate under the delusion that we are special, that because our tiny corner of this universe isn’t completely inimical to life, that reality should continue to allow us to exist. That we are entitled to something other than oblivion or aeons of unfathomable pain and terror.

We are wrong. We are wrong about so many things. We stand in a tiny circle of candlelight, surrounded by a vast, hostile darkness, and the candle is burning low. If you understood what horrors you waded through every single day, you wouldn’t be able to wake up without screaming until you were coughing blood.

There are so many things that we have got wrong.

For example, humanity is vastly older than we realise. We have lost knowledge that makes Alexandria, Baghdad and Babylon seem a tiny misunderstanding.

Causality is a mathematical anomaly, a rogue term in an equation that always spits out a negative answer.

Those that came before us grew to understand what reality really was, and fought against it. They built a vast machine, a Causality Well. To begin with, it mined cause and provenance from empty, unused parts of this universe but soon that wasn’t enough. They began to stockpile it, their growing awe at their own achievements leading them to believe that they could become like Gods, if only they strove hard enough. Soon, this universe ran dry and they began to probe other branes, other realities in the infinite, extra-dimensional sea that is the Multiverse.

That’s when it came out of the endless darkness.

It destroyed them before they could even begin to understand what it was. Attracted by the vast energies and the huge streams of raw causality being moved across unimaginable barriers, it struck.

Thought turned to ash; places became corrupted, wrong things; love and hope became twisted machines of bile and blood.

But the Causality Well was something incredible, the apex of a vast and powerful civilisation. It was able to contain that peril, to lock it away in the quantum equivalent of the cupboard under the stairs. It would be dealt with in time, and meanwhile the store of causality was vast enough to maintain.

But the damage had been done, and that ancient and powerful civilisation crumbled to nothing but dust and whispers. We are completely ignorant of our only inheritance, of the machines that support our fragile reality. And those machines are dying.

We stand in a tiny circle of candlelight, surrounded by a vast, hostile darkness, and the candle is burning low.

~ by golgotha on May 6, 2013.

5 Responses to “What is The Structure?”

  1. Please come back to us… I miss you so.

  2. Ah! You’re still around… Been such a long time.

  3. Hello.

  4. I think you have died.

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